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Anger is a natural emotion but for some people, it can be dangerous. Anger can lead individuals to react to situations inappropriately causing devastating consequences. To maintain control of your anger, you… Keep reading »

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Who Are Stress and Anger Experts?

Some emotions are effective as natural response to potential danger; they can also be detrimental if left unchecked. Stress and anger experts run the gamut from authors to physicians who have devoted their careers to helping others reduce anxiety and rage. The interviewees offer helpful insight into possible causes for the emotions as well as practical techniques for overcoming them.

Stress Experts

Stress has a wide spectrum of severity, and it affects a person both psychologically and physically. Overcoming stress isn't easy because it is the body's natural response to perceived threats, and it often functions on a subconscious level. Stress experts can help you uncover possible triggers, and they can guide you to a viable solution.

Anxiety can stem from poor time management. Author and speaker Stefania Lucchetti sheds light on how to use time management for a better life. The interview can help you look at stress a little differently, and the new perception can help you gain control.

Some people don't realize that stress can result from many other emotions such as shame. Dr. Anne Gross discusses how shame is a toxic emotion in an exclusive LoveToKnow interview.

Anger Management Experts

Anger is not necessarily a useless emotion, but it can be a destructive one if it is allowed to fester. Sometimes it takes an anger management expert to uncover how anger works. Overcoming a strong, natural emotion can be difficult, but with mindful practice, it is possible.

Susan Edmiston, co-author of The Cow in the Parking Lot, offers her expertise in a Zen approach to anger. Rather than trying to manage your anger, you may find that you can transform it.

Psychology and Health Experts

Negative emotions have an impact on a person's mind and body. Some expert interviews can help you deal with the emotional as well as the physical effects of stress and anger.

The physical ramifications of anxiety and anger can be serious. Dr. Nieca Goldberg is a cardiologist and spokesperson for the American Heart Association who discusses how stress affects heart health in an exclusive interview.

Tom Stone is the CEO and founder of Great Life Technologies, Inc., an organization that helps veterans and members of the military overcome anxiety and trauma. He talks about how to reduce anxiety without medication or therapy.

Overcome Problems with Help from Experts

If stress, anger or both are consuming your life, you can take steps to overcome the problems. Learning from the experts is just one aspect of getting the treatment that you may need. Combine what you learn and follow up with your physician to develop a plan of action.

Stress and Anger Expert Interviews