Anger Management Expert Interview

Dr. Simon Casey
Simon Casey Ph.D., CADACII

Anger is a natural emotion but for some people, it can be dangerous. Anger can lead individuals to react to situations inappropriately causing devastating consequences. To maintain control of your anger, you may need to learn anger management techniques by taking a class.

Anger Management Interview with Dr. Simon Casey

LoveToKnow has the opportunity to interview Dr. Simon Casey, who is a therapist and author of Secrets to Emotional Wealth and Couples in Chaos. He is also the founder/CEO of Emotional Mastery International. He regularly teaches anger management classes to facilities, parents, county agencies as well as online.

Will Anger Management Help You?

LoveToKnow (LTK): How does someone know she should seek anger management?

Dr. Simon Casey (SC): Many people who display inappropriate expression of anger may not even know they have a problem dealing with their anger. The following are some of the indicators that someone should seek help.

  • She is easily annoyed and reactive
  • Getting into physical fights
  • She is throwing/breaking things when angry
  • Road rage or cutting people off
  • Losing friends, relationships
  • Always looking for ways to get even
  • Drinking excessively or using drugs
  • Legal problems such as domestic violence

LTK: What will someone learn in anger management classes?

SC: Participants will learn the following information:

  • Understand emotions and how they work
  • Action versus reaction
  • Feel, think and resolve process
  • Developing empathy
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Communication 101
  • Stress to destress

LTK: How effective are they?

SC: These are very effective tools for anger management. However, it is up to each individual and his level of commitment to be better.

Change is a very scary proposition, and in most cases, people learn to comply or adopt temporary behaviors to resolve a problem. However, it's almost always short lived. In other words, if the person is truly motivated to become his best and learn from his consequences, more than likely he will be able to overcome character defects and adopt a new way of life.

Anger Management Classes Online

LTK: What is the difference between taking anger management classes online or offline?

SC: Almost all anger management classes online are educational. The face-to-face interaction [with offline] could involve either therapeutic approach or personal coaching. In my opinion, combination of both [anger management educational classes and therapy] will raise the rate of success extensively.

LTK: How long do online courses usually take to complete?

SC: All of the online courses are self-phased. There is never a pressure as to when you need to fulfill the requirement unless it is mandated by the courts to complete by a certain date.

LTK: How confidential are anger management courses online?

SC: Confidentiality is always an issue when you are doing anything online because you have no guaranteed protection. However, if you are court ordered to attend more than likely it is already a public record. People who are worried about confidentiality should shy away from online training.

LTK: What types of tools are used when taking an online course?

SC: Most information is disseminated through downloads and online videos.

LTK: What should someone look for when searching for an online anger management course?

SC: Many people make the mistake of going online to sign up for anger management classes based upon a website. Everyone has their unique circumstances and hence you need to call, email and find out if they can meet your needs and if you will get what you are paying for.

LTK: Would you like to add anything?

SC: Remember, the information alone without emotional connection will not bring about the desired change. Anger is an emotion and it must be dealt with emotionally first. Understanding a problem is only the gateway to the feelings. Finally, if you don't learn to manage your anger, your anger will manage you.

Take a Step Towards Managing Your Anger

As you search for a way to tame your anger, consider online anger management classes if you want the convenience and anonymity of being able to sign into a website from the comfort of your home. While only learning anger management techniques may not be all that you need to understand your anger, it could be a good start in the right direction.

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