Stress and Anger in Mid-Life Women

Deal with stress and anger

Stress and anger in mid life women are growing more apparent. Read on to learn some reasons why this is happening, and better yet, what can be done about it.

Stress, Anger, and Women

Stress and anger in mid life women is a topic that is finally gaining the attention it deserves. Several online resources, from the Huffington Post to Oprah have recently run stories with headlines that scream What is Happening to Women's Happiness?

While there is no one answer to this thought provoking answer, when reading the wide array of female responses, one thing is abundantly clear: stress and anger are playing a key role in the decline of women's happiness. Some of the most common causes of stress and anger are:

  • Not feeling "heard"
  • Work stress
  • Home related stress

In light of these stresses, the following are some suggestions to help deal with them:

Dealing With Stress and Anger in Mid Life Women

Tackling Stress

Tacking stress, no matter one's gender, is not always easy, but there are steps you can take:

  • Cause of stress: To start, try to get to the bottom of what's causing the stress, and be proactive about it; don't just say "everything!" Have you taken on additional responsibilities at work? Do you feel overwhelmed by housework? Does it just seem as if there's too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Deciding what the cause of your stress is means you'll be that much closer to tackling it.
  • Find creative solutions: Now that you know what's causing you all this stress, it's time to combat it. For this, you may need to get a little bit creative. If household chores have got you down, enlist other family members to help. If work is the issue, take a look at the method you are using to accomplish your tasks- is there any way for you to be more efficient and get things done a bit quicker? Keep working at it until you come up with a solution that fits your needs.

Deal With Anger

Anger is not necessarily a "bad" emotion. In fact, it's one of the emotions that can actually spur you to change the way things are because it can help snap you out of a current malaise. Free floating anger tends to arrive when all of the "little" things start to pile up.

Not voicing anger over things, both large and small, can often lead to a Mount Vesuvius-style eruption. The key is not to let it get to that point. Instead, deal with anger when it arises. If you are not sure how to, try:

  • Voicing it: Voice your anger by stating your concerns. If you are angry about a Congressional bill, write your representative. Angry about the fact that the dishes end up in the sink and don't get cleaned until you step into the kitchen? Then say something. After all, unless you speak up, the chances are better than good that no one even knows you're angry.
  • Take a broad view: Sometimes, it's not possible to express your anger. Work, for example, is not a place where you want to blow your top as it can be viewed as highly unprofessional. Instead, take a wider view and see these types of situations within a larger context. Is this situation, it may help to consider if the thing you feel so angry about will matter in a week, a month, or even a year? Nine times out of ten, it won't.
  • Get physical: Doing something physical will not only alleviate your feelings of anger, but it will also help to combat stress. The trick is to do something you really love; this way you'll know for sure that you will stick with it.

Putting It All Together

Stress and anger in mid life women is common, but it need not be. Taking some of the steps outlined above can be a tremendous help. Additionally, don't hesitate to talk things out with trusted friends, family members and even medical professionals if need be. This way, you'll know for sure that you are taking a comprehensive approach to dealing with the stress and anger in your life, and that's something you can feel very happy about!

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Stress and Anger in Mid-Life Women