Stress Relievers During a Recession

Recession Woes

As a recession deepens, money can get tight and relaxing indulgences such as vacations, massages, and shopping sprees become too expensive. Fortunately, there are many affordable stress relievers during a recession that you can take advantage of to stay relaxed and peaceful without spending more than you like.


Lighting a candle is a quick and easy way to relax because it provides a soothing, comforting light. You can either light small candles you already have around the house, or buy a larger scented candle that also has aromatherapy benefits. If you prefer a scented candle, opt for scents such as lavender, chamomile, vanilla, or other gentle fragrances.

Practicing yoga can help you focus your mind and body in a restful, peaceful way, easing tensions and stress out of your joints and muscles. If you don’t know yoga, you can check out instructional books and videos for free from a local library or check community recreation centers for scheduled classes with minimal fees.

Local Vacations

While you may not be able to afford exotic, luxury vacations during a recession, there are plenty of local sights to see. Check out local and regional gardens, zoos, museums, aquariums, and fun centers for quick and affordable getaways right at home that are perfect for the whole family. This will also give you a new appreciation of all your home town has to offer.


Regular exercise boosts your energy and metabolism and releases endorphins that help reduce the stress you feel. If a gym membership is out of your recession budget, take up jogging, biking, or other easy to do activities that can keep you moving. As an added bonus, regular exercise will make you healthier, leading to lower health care costs that can be a relief in a recession.

Nature Walks

Being cramped and cooped up can make anyone frustrated, and if your stress level is high then take a few minutes for a brisk walk through a local park or along a hiking trail. Leave your cell phone, mp3 player, and other electronics behind and focus instead on your surroundings, breathing deeply and stretching your muscles to release stress.


In a tight economy your budget may not stretch to gourmet meals, but it can be even more rewarding to experiment with new recipes at home. Eating at home is healthier and more affordable, and the challenge of creating a delicious meal from an unfamiliar recipe can stretch your mental muscles and relieve stress.

Play With Pets

A pet can be a wonderful stress reliever, and they ask for no other investment than your loving care. Take time to play with your pet, teach them new tricks, or groom them carefully to strengthen your bond, in turn lowering your stress when you see the unconditional love and gratitude they give you in return.


Taking a few minutes to jam to your favorite music can be a quick and fun way to relieve stress. Use a pair of high quality headphones and dance or sing along to get your blood pumping and your heart pounding, and you’ll find your stress disappearing.


If you can’t afford a real getaway, escape into a book to relieve your recession stress. Most public libraries are free or only have a minimal fee to join, and you will find thousands of stories to entertain you. You can also join a book club or start a reading group if you prefer to interact with others and share your thoughts on different books.


A few minutes of meditation can work wonders for lowering stress without costing a penny. There are many different types of meditation, and you can experiment with different methods until you find one you enjoy and that you can practice whenever you need a few moments to yourself.


Writing down your frustrations can go a long way toward easing them. Use a notebook or a bound journal to write down your thoughts, or try composing poetry, writing song lyrics, or writing a story to help you relieve your stress. Check for local writing groups as well, and you may even find your words on the way to publication.

Get Organized

If you’re overwhelmed and stressed out, taking the time to declutter your life can go a long way towards relieving stress. It doesn’t cost anything to organize a closet or clean out a garage, and you’ll find yourself reliving fond memories and enjoying the feeling of getting your gear in order. You may even have enough clutter for a yard sale, and the financial bonus can ease other recession related worries.

Ask for Help

Talking about your anxieties and worries can be a helpful step to overcoming your stress. You will discover that you’re not alone, and other people in similar situations may be able to offer unique tips to help you lower your stress and ease your burdens. Talk to your friends and family members, life partner, or consider finding a support group to help you through tough times.

Start Saving

Financial worries are often at the heart of recession-related stress, and if you start saving even a little bit you’ll begin to realize that you can overcome these difficulties. Start with just a few dollars a month, and eventually you’ll be able to build up a good reserve for tough economic times.

For more ideas about stress relievers during a recession, check out Natural Stress Relief and Stress Relief Exercises for help without needing a fortune.

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Stress Relievers During a Recession