Relaxing 3D Nature Screensavers

A relaxing screensaver

From rolling ocean waves and spectacular waterfalls to fluttering butterflies and playful dolphins, relaxing 3D nature screensavers are wonderful ways to take mini breaks from working at your computer and enjoy the magnificent sites and sounds of nature.

The Changing Purpose of Screensavers

Originally screensavers were made to protect the computer monitor from having an image burn-in. The early monitors had a problem when an image was displayed for a long period of time. The phosphors would cause the pixels to glow so long they would discolor the glass of the monitor making a shadow of the image that would overlay whatever else was on the monitor.

With today's technology, screensavers are no longer needed for their original purpose, but they are still used by most computer users. Today's screensavers provide a level of security and are an excellent source of entertainment and diversion.

With 3D technology, screensavers can bring you true to life settings with animated images that are realistic in design, color and movement. These screensavers offer a refreshing, relaxing and enjoyable break from computer work giving your mind a change to rest, and your eyes the opportunity to relax.

Relaxing Screensavers as a Stress Reliever

Using a 3D screensaver of a favorite nature scene, a place that is peaceful and serene or an animal in their natural habitat is an excellent tool to use in managing stress while working on your computer. Choose one that makes you feel relaxed, happy and peaceful.

When you feel tension building, or your eyes are tired and need a brief rest, take a few minutes to enjoy your special screensaver and allow the stress to slip away as you feel yourself relaxing. Imagine yourself sitting by the waterfall, walking through the playful waves of the ocean or fishing on the serene lake. Listen to the sounds of nature and the soothing music in the background as you find yourself releasing your body tension.

Examples of Relaxing 3D Nature Screensavers

  • The four seasons 3D screensaver has many customizable features as you watch each season slowly unfold into the next. Choose the amount of time you want each season to last and enjoy calming music combined with beautiful, realistic sounds of nature.
  • Picture yourself sitting at this beautiful waterfall as you take a mini vacation in your mind. Watch the enchanting waterfall as you listen to sounds of the water streaming down into the fish-laden stream. Allow yourself to take time to meditate as you watch this beautiful picture of nature or just sit and enjoy the majestic beauty.
  • The garden flowers 3-D screensaver will make you feel like you are in a lush garden of flowers complete with birds, butterflies, bees and other tiny creatures. Relax to the soft sounds of nature as you visually enjoy the spectacular colors of the garden.
  • Enjoy watching high quality animated dolphins as they swim in their natural environment. Magnificent underwater scenery of the, relaxing music and realistic hypnotizing sounds from the deep sea will sooth your mind and relax your body.
  • Feel the tension slip away as you watch colorful and exotic fish swim through swaying underwater plants. This 3-D screensaver is so realistic that you will feel like you all are watching a real fish tank or snorkeling with fish.

Where to Find Relaxing Nature Screensavers in 3D

The Internet has many websites offering beautiful scenes of nature as 3D screensavers. Many of the websites offer them free, while others charge a nominal fee or a monthly subscription fee.

  • 3D screensaver downloads offers many beautiful, relaxing scenes including nature, wildlife and the solar system. This website is subscription based and charges a monthly fee to access their screensavers.
  • Free 3D screensavers of relaxing nature scenes are available from free relaxing screensavers.
  • Digital Mind Software features many 3D screensavers including Canyon Flight, Seascape, Art of the North Pole and Autumn Time.


There are many spectacular, relaxing 3D nature screensavers available for you to enjoy. Whatever your preference there is certain to be one that is perfect for you.

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Relaxing 3D Nature Screensavers