Relaxation Ponds

A reflecting pool can be a peaceful sanctuary.

Relaxation ponds are ideal for suburban backyards where homeowners can soak up the relaxing atmosphere. Water hushes the sound of neighbors, lawnmowers and traffic.Imagine for a moment, water spilling over boulders into a shallow pond where lilies float along the surface. These ponds, seen in many arboretums around the country, are now appearing amongst the landscape designs of general America. Why? Because the movement and sound of the water helps people de-stress.

Relaxation Ponds Help People Relax

Relaxation ponds were a popular feature of Victorian gardens in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Western gardening moved away from water gardens by World War I. The trend began to return during the late part of the 20th century and is currently a popular feature among landscapers. Water gardens feature ponds with moving water that trickles over rocks. Water plants may be included along the surface of the ponds or they can be the centerpiece of a grotto of plants adding to the shade effect. Stone pathways may surround the area allowing for seating and tables.

Approaching a water garden can create almost instant relaxation. The constant drone of noise throughout daily life includes the sounds made by vehicles, neighbors, air conditioning equipment, the constant hum of indoor appliances and of course, people is blocked. The rush of getting from point A to point B to point C emphasizes the need for a place of tranquility where the sounds of the world are washed away by the sound of water.

Creating a Water Garden

When creating a water garden, one common mistake is to think small. Ideally, a reflecting pool or relaxation pond should be able to handle about 1600 gallons of water. The maintenance is built into the design by creating a balanced eco system. The fish will control the algae and insects, oxygen for the fish will be provided by plants and a filtration system will handle leaves and debris by boxing them away from the water. Ideally, the right design requires little maintenance and a great deal of enjoyment.


Shaded relaxation ponds are resistant to algae because algae need sunlight to grow. Mosquitoes will not lay their eggs in moving water. Live fish are also a detriment to mosquito eggs because they'll be attracted to them and eat them before they can hatch. Koi ponds are an attractive addition that provides all of the above. A backyard can be transformed from a field of grass to a tranquil grotto, an oasis from the chaotic outside world.

Relaxation Ponds Provide Sanctuary

The primary benefit of adding a relaxation pond to a backyard or area landscaping is the sanctuary it provides for the overburdened adult or child. Relaxation ponds are an ideal location to sit and read as well as have a meal or simply share a conversation. The sights and sounds of the water promote Meditation. The cost of care and upkeep of a water garden is all upfront, long term maintenance and fees are minimal by comparison, which relieves financial stress.

Creating a water garden sanctuary is not a light undertaking. Homeowners considering the creation of their own personal watery oasis should research cost, design and location prior to committing. Talking to experts in landscaping can provide insights into developing a tranquil spot that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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Relaxation Ponds