Discipline Strategies for Stressed Moms

Discipline strategies for stressed moms

Discipline strategies for stressed moms are techniques that can help you feel better about yourself, your children and marriage and life overall.

The Stress of Being a Mom

Being a mom isn't easy and no one said it would be. You strive to make sure your kids are happy and healthy, you want your husband to be happy and somewhere in the middle of that, you want give yourself the same amount of attention. The problem is that sometimes you don't quite feel like you are hitting the mark. The stress of being a mom can make you feel defeated and depressed, at times. The good news is that you can make changes in your hectic and chaotic schedule that will help reduce your stress levels and make you feel like a better mom, wife and person.

Discipline Strategies for Stressed Moms: Making You Happy

Do As Much As You Can - Not More

One of the main reasons why moms feel stressed is because they try to do too many things with not enough hours in the day. You need to understand that sometimes there just isn't enough time to do everything and you need to prioritize. Prioritizing what you need or would like to do helps you make sure that you do what's most important to you and leaves the less critical things for when you have extra time.

Ignore Perceptions of Super Mom

Most moms have at least one other mom that they look to and envy how she handles her life. The super mom appears to do everything you wish you could in one day and still looks like a supermodel. This perception of super mom isn't realistic. You may think that she does everything you could do but she probably doesn't. Usually, there are areas in super mom's life that she wishes she could change too; she just doesn't tell anyone about it. What is important is that you stop these self-imposed demands on yourself to be the perception of super mom. No one is perfect and no situation is either. Tell yourself that every time you see a mom you wish you could be.

Happiness Is Contagious

Many moms want their family to be happy even at the cost of their own happiness. They spread themselves too thin making sure everyone around them is satisfied but don't take a step back and make sure they are. If this sounds like you, it may be useful to know that happiness is contagious. A happy mom is a happy family. If you walk around miserable, everyone around you will feel it.

Moms Need Breaks Too

Being a mom is a full-time job. Couple it with household chores and being a wife, and/or holding down a job, you are easily working two or three jobs. However, the perception of mothering as a job isn't as valued as it should be even by mothers. Without a break, stress builds to intolerable levels making moms feel tired, sick and unhappy with life. Make a point to give yourself some attention by taking a break by going out alone or with friends. During the day, find two or three times to sit and reflect on yourself and your day. No pressure, just think about all of the great things you were able to accomplish or browse a magazine.

Ask for Help

Asking for help doesn't make you any less of a mother. It actually shows that you are a better mother for enlisting the services of others to ensure that your children are well. Whether you are taking a much needed break, going to work, need some help with chores, or need to take of errands that would be easier alone, asking for help will make everyone thankful.

It Takes Discipline to Decrease Stress as a Mom

These discipline strategies for stressed moms take commitment. It's easy to succumb to overworking yourself as a mother and feeling miserable. However, it's not good for you or your family. So take steps now to change your lifestyle, you'll start to feel better mentally, emotionally and physically and see positive changes in your children.

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Discipline Strategies for Stressed Moms