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Article Highlight: Angry People Clip Art

Looking for graphics of angry people? Clip art provides a great way to convey the emotion of anger in a visual way. The original artwork provided here and is free for you to save and use for any non-commercial… Keep reading »

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Watching stress slideshows

Stress slideshows give you an innovative way to beat stress during your day. This selection of slideshows help you de-stress in a few different ways.

Ways to Relieve Stress with Slideshows

Relax and find inner peace with slideshows in the following ways:

  • When you are sitting at your computer beside yourself of what to do about your anxiety, take a few minutes and watch some of the peaceful images scroll on your screen. These images will transport you to a new place - a place free from chaos and stress.
  • Seeing pictures of stressed people can help you feel better because it shows you that you are not alone in how you feel. It can also give you hope and motivation to make a commitment to eliminating stressful lifestyle factors.
  • If you're looking for ways to combat stress when away from the computer, read the narrative portion of the slideshow for ideas on what you can do to lower your anxiety just about anywhere. You can learn about natural stress relievers and exercises that can help you find peace.
  • If you want to help other people learn about stress management techniques, watch some stress slideshows that give you ideas on clipart or pictures you can use to help other see that they are not the only ones feeling overwhelmed by life.

Getting Started with Stress Slideshows

Above you will find a list of slideshows that cover many different topics. Choose a slideshow that will educate you on the effects of stress, how to lower it, what to do to about anger, and how your work could be causing you to feel as if life is out of control.

Stress Slideshows