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There is more than one type of anger, and the type of anger you experience may dictate the technique used to manage that anger. But how are you supposed to know if your angry response to situations is reasonable? For some people, venting anger is the solution while others simply scowl - neither option is suitable for all situations.

The Anger Suppression Problem

Anger isn't always necessarily bad; when something upsetting happens, anger can be a natural response that reveals your true feelings. Young children are taught to manage their anger, as are older youth and people far into adulthood, yet when managing anger becomes suppressing anger, it has a tendency to build up, bubble over, and then eventually explode at inopportune moments, taking you and the people around you by surprise. Talking about anger or using cathartic techniques to vent anger can be a healthier approach to managing anger, according to experts in the field.

Getting Help

Therapy can help people manage their stress, but not everyone is comfortable seeking out the help of a licensed therapist. An anger management hotline may be able to provide temporary help, but an anger management course will give people the tools they need to keep their cool. Local groups can provide comaraderie and understanding when it comes to managing a temper; you may be surprised how many other people struggle with anger management.

The Importance of Self Awareness

Many people are unaware of how their angry outbursts affect the people around them. Learning how to control body language in tense moments can help defuse a tense situation. Understanding that cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings when anger is involved and knowing that angry outbursts at work can lead to big problems can help an angry person understand why staying calm is sometimes the best option.

Faith-Based Anger Management

When therapy and medications aren't enough, some people turn to anger management based on Biblical principles. Plenty of books exist that teach readers how to handle anger biblically instead of flying off the handle.

Keep Your Cool

It's one thing to get angry, but another thing to be an angry person. Don't allow anger to make you an angry person. Instead, be someone who acknowledges anger, deals with it, and then moves on from it. Anger can eat away at your happiness and make people stay away from you. Life will be so much more peaceful when angry reactions are minimized.

Anger Management