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Biblical Books on Handling Anger

Everyone Gets Angry

Even the most spiritual and devout person will get angry, but fortunately there are many different Biblical books on handling anger to help you control your hostility. Practicing anger management techniques with a Christian focus can help you not only control your anger, but also strengthen your spirituality and renew your faith at the same time.

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Conquer Anger
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How to Conquer Anger uses instructions from the apostle Paul in Ephesians to help you manage your anger in a good way. “Let all bitterness, wrath, and anger… be put away from you,” is the core lesson here, but there are many easy steps you can take to put it into practice.

Anger Workbook
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Anger worksheets and workbooks can be very helpful for managing rage, particularly if you are a tactile person who needs to keep busy. The interactive worksheets and exercises in The Anger Workbook feature 13 steps devised by leading doctors nationally known for their Christian counseling techniques.

Let Go
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It can be hard to let go of anger, but forgiveness is an essential part of Christianity, whether you need to forgive yourself or others. Letting Go of Anger draws on God’s word and the teachings of Jesus to help you learn forgiveness so you may be free of anger and let love heal your wounds.

Shut Me Up
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For Christians who don’t take themselves too seriously but still remain true to their faith, Lord, Shut Me Up is a lighthearted and easily read book on handling anger. This book stresses personal responsibility and spiritual growth as you learn to resolve your conflicts constructively.

Uproot Anger
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Everyone sins, and anger, too, is a sin when it is improper or directed inappropriately. Uprooting Anger focuses on sin in a practical way for you to overcome your angry obstacles without losing your faith. The appendix of worksheets can also be valuable to help you work out conflicts.

Angry Children
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Children often do not know how to manage their anger or express their feelings in constructive ways, and The Heart of Anger offers spiritually based, compassionate advice and tips for how to help children learn better anger management techniques.

Angry Relationships
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Anger is part of being human, and it is natural to become angry with the people in your life, but it is too easy to let that anger control your relationship. Breaking Free from Anger and Unforgiveness will help you conquer destructive, toxic relationships so they do not control your life.

Angry Parents
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Even the most devout and loving parents can become angry with one another and with their children. The Anger Workbook for Christian Parents will help you manage your family interactions easily, without allowing anger and frustration to become the masters in your home. The easy, practical steps in this book are useful for all parents, no matter what the situation.

Angry Words
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Many people express most of their anger with hurtful, insulting, painful words, but Too Hot to Handle will help you control your tongue to use it to inspire and uplift those around you rather than condemning them through anger.

Army Anger
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The simple spirituality of Anger Management: A Christian Perspective has made it a useful tool to regain your perspective on life and faith while expressing your vulnerability and managing your anger. This book has been used by the United States Army to help soldiers cope with post traumatic stress disorder in productive, helpful ways, rather than becoming angry and lashing out.

God’s Way
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Understanding the causes of your anger and how you react to them is the primary focus of Anger & Stress Management God’s Way. This book will help you relieve your anger and stress while still glorifying God with the lessons you learn from your emotions.

Face Forgiveness
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The more than two dozen true stories of anger, frustration, and ultimately forgiveness in Facing Forgiveness provide a range of examples for coming to terms with your anger and managing it in ways that allow you to move on with your life by focusing on forgiveness in a spiritual way.

More Than Anger
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Anger does not enter your heart alone – it is accompanied by depression, anxiety, frustration, low self esteem, and other emotions that can make managing that anger seem impossible. Find Happiness! treats these emotions together for a holistic approach that can help you lower your stress and control your anger effectively.

Your Bible

If you can’t find Biblical books on handling anger that are suitable for your level of spirituality, it is always worthwhile to turn to the Bible. Ask your priest for guidance in the passages that may help you overcome the strong emotions controlling your life, and your self study can help you renew your spirituality while you resolve your anger issues.

Interested in more anger management techniques? These ideas for Alternative Anger Management Therapy may help you find other ways to control your anger.

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Biblical Books on Handling Anger